Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Small Elf Hall

Hey guys, I recently purchased a few things from elf cosmetics, they have just opened a small shop in a Cardiff Arcade. The shop is so pretty and the makeup is cheap and cheerful and good quality! 

I bought this elf staple brush to apply my foundation, I don't go a day without using this when applying my makeup. The bristles are really soft and leaves my makeup looking flawless and gorgeous! 

I love the pressed powder I will be repurchasing this product it is amazing. I bought it In the colour porcelain.  I love the finish with this powder and helps my makeup last ! Which is always a big plus. I love thet it gives me an overall matte finish. 

I thought that I would try out the makeup mist and set after rewarding raving reviews online. I am not overally pleased with this product. You spray it over your finished makeup look and it is meant to set your makeup, however quite a lot comes out and I just ended up feeling sticky. I just don't think it does the job! 

I love this product it really helps keep your eyeshadow on without creasing! It's long lasting.

What's your favourite elf product? 

Holly xxx