Thursday, 15 August 2013

St Moriz Instant Fake Tan

Hey guys,

I wanted to blog about one of my favourite instant fake tans, St Moriz. I love this tan for many reasons. Firstly the price of this fake tan is incredibly cheap at £1.99 and I purchase it from Home bargains. I find it easy to apply and I don't find the colour to dark. I love applying fake tan for a night out as it makes me feel so much more confident if I have a bit of colour.

I apply the fake tan with a tanning mitt i find this easier and a quick way to apply instant tab. I start my 'tanning process' by exfoiliating in the shower then applying a light body lotion all over and extra moisturiser to dry areas such as the elbows, knees and ankles. It is important to work quickly as this instant tan dries fast, taking care around the hands. 

I have never had any streaks with this product and the smell is very light compared to some fake tans I have used in the past. I recommend this fake tan and for the price I think it is a great product to try.

Here's a picture of me wearing St Moriz tan in the shade medium. My dress is from Asos £29.99

Holly xxx


  1. How pretty are you!
    I love St.Moriz in medium too but it dries my skin out after a few days. I tend to use No.7 Perfectly bronzed it's amazing!
    Love the dress

  2. Ive never tried that.. I will have to give it a go!!


  3. Best fake tan ever! Lovely Blog :)!

  4. I love st.moriz and for being so cheap it's actually better than some high end tans surprisingly!

    Natalie xx

    p.s I love your dress!

  5. I use this sometimes and I absolutely love it! Do you mind if I ask how you do your face when you wear it? (do you just wear a darker foundation?) sorry for the silly question - I'm pretty pale and I just haven't figured this part out yet! :) xx

  6. It is a super amazing fake tan :) , I actually put the most smallest amount of fake tan on my face. I also blend a little bit of a darker foundation in with my regular foundation so I look all matching lol :) . Hope that helps xxx

  7. I love St. Moriz too such a good cheap tan! Looks such a nice colour on you :) xx

  8. I always use St. Moriz too, your dress is lovely x


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